Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens near Pasadena in California is an exquisite horticultural masterpiece spanning 150 acres of natural beauty and serenity. Established in 1953, Descanso Gardens has become a beloved destination among both locals and visitors alike as an oasis of peace amidst Los Angeles’ busy metropolis life. A great post

Descanso Gardens can trace their history back to the early 20th century when it first served as E. Manchester Boddy, an influential publisher and entrepreneur. He purchased the land in 1937 and transformed it into an exquisite garden filled with an impressive assortment of plants and flowers, giving the estate its current name–Descanso (which in Spanish means “rest”)–with relaxation as its goal in mind for his family and friends alike.

Boddy decided to share Descanso Gardens with Los Angeles County in 1953 by giving away his estate. Since its official opening as a public garden in 1956, Descanso Gardens has flourished into one of Southern California’s premier botanical treasures.

Descanso Gardens today features an expansive array of gardens and landscapes, each providing visitors with an unforgettable experience. Among these gardens is the Rose Garden with its vibrant blooms and intoxicating scents – particularly during peak rose season in spring/early summer – while Japanese Gardens draw from traditional Japanese designs, offering tranquil and contemplative atmosphere through ponds filled with koi fish, bridges, and teahouse.

If you’re keen on native California flora, The California Natives Garden features an assortment of indigenous plants that showcase its natural beauty. Meanwhile, The Camellia Forest features one of North America’s largest collections of camellias with over 20,000 individual specimens representing nearly 1,500 different varieties!

Descanso Gardens are not only stunning to look at; they are also an oasis for wildlife. This garden hosts an abundance of bird species, butterflies and animals which make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Bird walks and wildlife tours are organized regularly so guests can discover this spectacular environment for themselves.

Descanso Gardens hosts various events and activities throughout the year that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. Festivals such as Cherry Blossom Festival and Enchanted Forest of Light draw thousands of people who come witness the gardens’ transformation in various parts of the year.

Descanso Gardens also boasts the Boddy House, once home to Descanso Gardens founder E. Manchester Boddy and now serving as a museum displaying his life and legacy while giving an inside glimpse into its past.

Descanso Gardens is more than a botanical garden; it serves as a place for inspiration, education and environmental stewardship. Horticulturists and educators at Descanso Gardens work diligently to encourage sustainable gardening practices and environmental preservation through educational programs and workshops at this special space.

Descanso Gardens near Pasadena in California is an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility, boasting rich history, diverse gardens and environmental education initiatives that draw in both visitors and locals alike. From strolling the vibrant blooms of Rose Garden or relaxing within Japanese Garden’s serene atmosphere – visitors are sure to leave Descanso Gardens with a renewed appreciation of all nature has to offer! Additional info