Garfield Heights

Garfield Heights is an idyllic and historic neighborhood located in Pasadena, California. Situated in its northern region, Garfield Heights is famed for its tree-lined streets, stunning homes, and strong sense of community. Learn More

Garfield Neighborhood takes its name from President James A. Garfield, who was assassinated shortly after taking office. It was developed during the early 20th century and features homes featuring Craftsman architecture as well as Spanish Colonial Revival and Mid-Century Modern design styles.

Garfield Heights stands out among other communities due to its gorgeous tree canopy, boasting mature trees that provide shade while simultaneously adding aesthetic value. This abundance of greenery creates a peaceful and serene environment perfect for strolling, bicycling or simply enjoying being outside.

Garfield Heights stands out as an active community through its active neighborhood association. The Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association works tirelessly to bring neighbors together, foster a sense of belonging, and advocate for their interests. Regular meetings, social events, and neighborhood clean-up activities allow residents to connect and work on initiatives that enhance quality of life in Garfield Heights.

Garfield Heights’ historic nature is preserved through a joint effort from residents and local authorities. Many homes within its borders have been designated historic landmarks, and residents take great pride in upholding the original character and charm of their properties. Furthermore, Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association works closely with city hall to ensure any new developments match up with Garfield Heights’ historical aesthetic.

Garfield Heights is situated close to many amenities and attractions in Pasadena. Old Town Pasadena boasts an eclectic blend of shopping, dining, entertainment options, while cultural institutions such as Pasadena Playhouse and Norton Simon Museum provide cultural enrichment opportunities for its residents. Furthermore, Victory Park and Brookside Golf Course can also be found nearby for recreation purposes.

Garfield Heights places great emphasis on education, offering access to several top schools in the area and making it an attractive neighborhood choice for families with young children.

Garfield Heights takes safety very seriously, and benefits from an active approach to community policing. Local law enforcement works closely with residents and law enforcement officials in addressing concerns and providing an environment safe for everyone in Garfield Heights.

Garfield Heights is an emblematic neighborhood in Pasadena. From its historic homes and green spaces, to strong community bonds and strong local pride, Garfield Heights embodies Pasadena’s distinct charm and character. Residents take great pride in upholding Garfield Heights’ legacy and strive to maintain its vitality and appeal for future generations.

Garfield Heights, situated in Pasadena, California, is an idyllic neighborhood known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets, and close-knit community. Boasting strong roots in history and community engagement as well as convenient proximity to amenities, it provides residents with an inviting living environment reminiscent of traditional Southern Californian lifestyle. Discover More