Griffith Park

Griffith Park near Pasadena in California is one of the country’s largest urban parks, covering an expanse of over 4,310 acres and offering visitors of all ages an array of activities that make it a beloved tourist and local landmark. Learn More

Griffith Park, named in honor of Colonel Griffith J. Griffith (a Welsh-born philanthropist and real estate developer who donated land to Los Angeles in 1896), boasts an illustrious past as an iconic symbol of Los Angeles. Today it provides accessible outdoor spaces that enable people to appreciate nature while exercising or engaging in cultural or recreational activities.

Griffith Observatory is one of Griffith Park’s most iconic landmarks, standing tall on Mount Hollywood and offering breathtaking views of Los Angeles’ skyline and iconic Hollywood Sign. Inside visitors can explore interactive exhibits about astronomy and space exploration; attend captivating planetarium shows; and even gaze through telescopes upon celestial objects!

Griffith Park is home to many popular attractions, with one being the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens being among the most prominent. Home to over 1,400 animals from across the globe, this zoo offers visitors of all ages an engaging educational experience – while its botanical gardens showcase an incredible range of plant species that add natural beauty and diversity.

Griffith Park provides nature enthusiasts with numerous hiking and horseback riding trails that wind their way through rugged hills and canyons. The Griffith Park Observatory Trail provides an easy path that leads to the observatory for rewarding panoramic views of Los Angeles below; other trails such as Charlie Turner Trail or Amir’s Garden Trail showcase Griffith Park’s diverse flora and fauna.

Visitors looking for a serene escape will discover solace at Fern Dell, an idyllic wooded glen with meandering streams and lush vegetation that provides the ideal setting for leisurely strolls or quiet picnics.

Griffith Park is home to the Autry Museum of the American West, featuring an expansive collection of artifacts and exhibits that encapsulate the American West’s rich cultural history and heritage. Through engaging displays and programs at this institution, viewers gain insight into Native Americans, cowboys and pioneers – offering insight into their lives, customs and traditions.

The park offers horseback riding lessons and trail rides, giving visitors a unique view of its beauty. Furthermore, Travel Town Museum houses an impressive collection of vintage locomotives and railway equipment suitable for train enthusiasts of all ages.

Griffith Park provides more than recreational and cultural experiences; its outdoor sports opportunities include golf, tennis, soccer, and baseball. Griffith Park’s iconic amphitheatre the Greek Theatre hosts concerts and performances under the stars for an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Griffith Park prides itself on environmental preservation and education, with the Griffith Park Rangers offering guided hikes, workshops, and educational programs that focus on environmental awareness and conservation of its natural resources.

Griffith Park in Pasadena, California, is an oasis that caters to everyone – from its iconic observatory and zoo to its vast network of hiking trails and recreational activities, the park provides visitors with natural beauty, cultural attractions and outdoor adventures in equal measure. Furthermore, Griffith Park’s commitment to accessibility, education and conservation makes it a cherished and timeless destination for visitors looking to connect with nature as they discover Los Angeles’ urban wilderness. Discover More