Milwaukie Museum

Milwaukie Museum is an idyllic local history museum situated near Portland, Oregon in Milwaukie. Since 2008, this charming local history museum has focused on preserving and celebrating Milwaukie and its surrounding communities’ rich heritage and history. Browse around this site

Milwaukie Museum is housed in an historic building that exudes charm and character. Exhibits take visitors through a historical journey highlighting Milwaukie’s past, present, and future while providing insight into its residents who have called Milwaukie home throughout its long history.

Milwaukie Museum places great emphasis on its community’s history. Visitors can learn about early pioneers who settled here, its growth over time and various industries that have contributed to its development. Artifacts, photographs and documents from Milwaukie residents provide insight into daily life here.

One of the museum’s hallmarks is its vast selection of vintage items and memorabilia that transport visitors back in time, such as telephones and typewriters as well as clothing and household goods from yesteryear. This impressive display offers tangible links between our past and today that visitors can interact with directly.

Milwaukie Museum features rotating exhibits that explore various themes or aspects of local history, often including contributions from residents as part of community involvement in preserving and sharing its past.

Milwaukie Museum serves more than just as a collection of artifacts; it serves as an integral cultural hub that offers educational programs and events to its community. Lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities draw visitors of all ages; school groups frequently visit to learn about local history and gain a better appreciation for cultural heritage.

Milwaukie Museum stands out among other local museums with its commitment to community engagement. Working closely with schools, historical societies, and other organizations, it hosts joint events and activities with them that foster pride among residents as they uncover more of Milwaukie’s vibrant past.

Milwaukie Museum volunteers play an indispensable role in its success. Devoted individuals give of their time and expertise to curate exhibits, organize events, and keep Milwaukie Museum an invaluable resource.

Milwaukie Museum is a nonprofit organization and relies on donations, grants, and community support in order to fulfill its mission. As such, it actively solicits contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations who understand the significance of preserving local history and culture.

Milwaukie Museum is an undiscovered gem near Portland, Oregon that celebrates and commemorates Milwaukie and its surrounding communities’ vibrant past through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and community involvement initiatives. From history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike – to longtime residents – Milwaukie Museum provides an incredible journey back through time while drawing them closer together with its rich and varied past. Check it out here