Mt Tabor Park

Mt Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon provides an oasis of serenity within its bustling city environment and showcases natural beauty of its region. Situated southeast of Portland in Oregon’s capital city, Mt Tabor Park draws locals and visitors alike with recreational activities, scenic views, unique features blending nature with history – plus much more! Click for more

Mt Tabor Park stands out as one of three extinct volcanic cinder cones in Portland and allows visitors to discover an exquisite geological formation right in their city center. Evidence of its volcanic past can be seen throughout its landscape with distinct cinder cones, rocky outcrops and panoramic vistas of both Portland and distant mountains.

One of the park’s primary draws is its extensive network of hiking trails that weave their way through its wooded slopes of the cinder cone. Ranging from easy strolls to more strenuous hikes, these paths offer something suitable for visitors of all ages and fitness levels – giving visitors stunning views of downtown Portland, Willamette River, and Cascade Range as they ascend the trails.

At the summit of Mount Tabor lies an open-air reservoir which still plays an integral part in Portland’s water supply system. These beautiful reservoirs boast stunning designs, creating an eye-catching scene against Portland’s skyline. While these water features aren’t open for public access, their presence adds charm and character to Mt. Tabor Park.

Mt Tabor Park boasts an abundance of plant and animal species, making it a prime location for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Wooded areas in Mt Tabor Park are home to woodpeckers, songbirds and owls while squirrels, raccoons and other small mammals can often be spotted roaming its trails.

Mt Tabor Park not only boasts natural beauty but also an extensive history. First acquired by Portland in the late 1800s and one of its first public parks, its design was heavily influenced by renowned landscape architects who also worked on Central Park in New York City – The Olmsted Brothers were hired to design this space that provided respite and recreation for city dwellers.

Today, the park continues to live up to that promise by providing visitors with a wide variety of amenities to enjoy. Picnic areas, playgrounds and sports fields make the park a favorite spot among families while its natural beauty and peaceful environment draw those seeking peace and solitude.

Mt Tabor Park provides residents of all backgrounds the chance to come together through concerts, festivals and outdoor movie screenings throughout the year at Mt Tabor Park events and activities, creating a sense of community within this vibrant city.

Mt Tabor Park is an oasis in Portland, offering visitors a combination of natural beauty, recreational opportunities and historical significance. Perfect for outdoor adventures, quiet getaways from city life or simply connecting with nature – Mt Tabor Park serves as a beacon that captures the spirit of Pacific Northwest living. Click for more info