Old City Park

Old City Park, now known as Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park, is an iconic historical village and living museum near Dallas, Texas. Comprised of 20 acres just south of Downtown Dallas, this unique attraction gives visitors a step back in time to experience Dallas’ rich cultural history through authentically restored buildings, exhibits, and interactive demonstrations. Learn more

Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park was created as the result of the vision and efforts of a group of preservationists in 1966 to preserve and celebrate Dallas’ historic architecture and traditions. Comprised of 38 historic structures dating from between the mid 19th and early 20th centuries, this village houses one of North Texas’ most extensive collections of historical structures.

Dallas Heritage Village transports visitors back in time, where early pioneers and settlers once lived and worked. It features homes, schoolhouses, churches, general stores, farmsteads, as well as even a doctor’s office!

One of the main attractions in the village is Millermore Mansion, an exquisite Greek Revival-style home constructed in 1861 and offering guided tours for visitors. They can explore its elegant rooms while learning about prominent figures in Dallas history such as the Miller family who once resided here.

Near the mansion is the Sullivan House, a Queen Anne-style home constructed in 1899 and fully furnished to give visitors an insight into life at the turn of the 20th century.

At Dallas Historical Village’s historic buildings are costumed interpreters that offer visitors an immersive experience by portraying real historical figures and carrying out daily activities as they would have occurred at that time. Visitors can interact with these interpreters, ask questions, and learn more about the lives, traditions, and challenges faced by early residents of Dallas.

Dallas Heritage Village hosts special events and themed weekends throughout the year that allow guests to learn more about specific aspects of history and culture. Events like “Victorian Fencing Demonstrations,” Frontier Days,” and Old Fashioned Fourth offer visitors of all ages educational yet entertaining experiences.

Dallas Heritage Village’s commitment to education goes far beyond exhibits and events. Dallas Heritage Village provides educational programs, workshops, field trips, homeschoolers and scouts of all ages from homeschoolers and scouts alike – providing a hands-on and engaging history experience for young learners.

Dallas Heritage Village’s historical significance aside, it makes a charming venue for private events, weddings and photography sessions alike. The beautifully preserved historic buildings and serene grounds create an ideal setting to commemorate special moments or mark special occasions.

The Village works closely with local schools, universities, and cultural institutions to support historical research, preservation efforts, community engagement activities, adaptive reuse discussions and maintaining connections to the past in an ever-evolving city.

Dallas Heritage Village is committed to accessibility and inclusivity. As such, they provide resources and accommodations for visitors with disabilities in order to ensure everyone can take part in its offerings and enjoy them fully.

Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park near Dallas, Texas, is an acclaimed living museum that honors and preserves Dallas’ rich cultural and historical heritage. Boasting authentically restored buildings, costumed interpreters, educational programs, and an immersive experience of early Dallas life through costumed interpreters, educational programs and educational tours, it provides visitors with an engaging glimpse of early Dallas life. Through its commitment to historical preservation, community engagement and accessibility it enthralls visitors by connecting them to past, appreciating its heritage, and emphasizing its importance for future generations. Next article