Pershing - Government Hill

Pershing-Government Hill is an historic and culturally vibrant neighborhood located in central El Paso. Renowned for its diverse community, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture; Pershing – Government Hill offers residents an ideal balance of historic features with modern amenities that makes this neighborhood both welcoming and dynamic. A great place to also visit is

Pershing-Government Hill is located within Pershing Drive to its northern edge, Montana Avenue to its south edge, Raynor Street on its western boundary and US Highway 54 on its eastern boundary. Due to its central location within El Paso city limits and easily accessible transportation networks, Pershing – Government Hill makes an excellent option for both commuters and families alike.

Pershing-Government Hill’s main draw is its fascinating history. The neighborhood features several historical landmarks, such as Pershing House – once home of General John J. Pershing himself! Now restored as a museum offering visitors insight into both his life and that of Pershing-Government Hill itself.

Pershing – Government Hill residents take great pride in their neighborhood, and residents feel connected to one another through events organized by the Pershing – Government Hill Neighborhood Association. Regular neighborhood meetings and social gatherings give residents opportunities to connect and create lasting friendships.

Pershing – Government Hill offers outdoor enthusiasts numerous parks and green spaces for recreation and fun. Memorial Park in the southern section of Pershing-Government Hill features playgrounds, sports fields and picnic areas – perfect for family fun! Additionally, McKelligon Canyon Recreation Area features hiking and biking trails with stunning vistas of its surroundings.

Pershing-Government Hill is known for its vibrant culture. Home to diverse Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian communities – as well as numerous restaurants, shops, and cultural events offering residents a taste of all its flavors and traditions – this neighborhood welcomes residents from a range of cultural backgrounds that come together here to form its rich fabric of diversity.

El Paso Independent School District provides quality education right within this community, and Douglass Elementary School and El Paso High School can be found nearby.

Pershing-Government Hill offers residents numerous shopping and dining options for shopping and dining needs. Montana Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in this neighborhood, boasts an array of stores, restaurants and local businesses providing residents easy access to everyday necessities and comforts.

Pershing-Government Hill in El Paso is a historic and culturally vibrant neighborhood. Boasting rich history, vibrant culture and an inclusive sense of community, Pershing – Government Hill offers residents an ideal and welcoming place to call home. From historic landmarks to delicious local cuisine and neighborhood events – residents take great pride in living such a vibrant community as their home. Ultimately, its central location, historic landmarks and range of cultural experiences makes Pershing – Government Hill an attractive option when seeking character-rich neighborhoods in El Paso. Up next