Ridglea Hills Addition

Ridglea Hills Addition in Fort Worth, Texas is an inviting and established neighborhood located to the southwest corner of town. Offering modern amenities and strong community spirit while upholding its classic character, it boasts beautiful homes, mature trees, and convenient location – making it a favorite spot among families and individuals searching for comfortable surroundings to call home. Check this out

Ridglea Hills Addition is located within Interstate 30, Camp Bowie Boulevard, Bryant Irvin Road and Vickery Boulevard – its borders forming its boundaries – making its central location ideal for easy accessing downtown Fort Worth as well as major highways, shopping centers and other attractions.

Ridglea Hills Addition stands out as an attractive and diverse housing community due to its attractive housing options. The neighborhood features ranch-style homes, Tudor Revival structures and traditional two-story houses of various architectural styles; as well as spacious yards that provide plenty of outdoor space.

Ridglea Hills Addition makes education a top priority and is served by Fort Worth Independent School District. Ridglea Hills Elementary and Monnig Middle Schools both provide quality educational experiences to local children.

Ridglea Hills Addition has an outstanding sense of community, and residents take great pride in it. The Ridglea Hills Neighborhood Association plays an active role in organizing events that bring neighbors together and foster a close-knit atmosphere within Ridglea Hills Addition. Regular neighborhood meetings and social gatherings enable residents to develop lasting friendships among one another.

Ridglea Hills Addition offers outdoor enthusiasts many parks and green spaces to enjoy, such as Berney Park and Ridgelea Country Club. These destinations provide opportunities for activities, picnics, leisurely walks and relaxing strolls in tranquil settings.

Ridglea Hills Addition is known for its convenient access to shopping and dining. Ridgmar Mall lies directly north of the neighborhood and provides residents with a selection of retail stores and eateries; Camp Bowie Boulevard features boutique shops, cafes, and eateries that add charm to the neighborhood.

Ridglea Country Club is an attractive destination for golf enthusiasts. Offering two championship golf courses, swimming pool and tennis courts – there is ample opportunity for recreation and relaxation at this club.

Residents can take advantage of its central location to easily explore all that Fort Worth has to offer, with Downtown Fort Worth within reach for cultural attractions, museums, theaters and the bustling Sundance Square district.

Ridglea Hills Addition in Fort Worth, Texas is an inviting and family-oriented neighborhood. Offering diverse housing options and a strong sense of community with its convenient location and centrality make Ridglea Hills Addition an attractive place for families and individuals alike to call home. Residents take great pride in calling Ridglea Hills Addition their community of choice; residents enjoy beautiful homes with mature trees or attending neighborhood events – taking great pride in the close-knit environment they call home! Its centrality and closeness to amenities make Ridglea Hills Addition an attractive destination when looking for traditional yet modern neighborhoods within Fort Worth city limits! Click for more