The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum, near Portland, Oregon is an eccentric yet whimsical attraction offering visitors a delightfully quirky and offbeat experience. Established in 2011, this one-of-a-kind attraction celebrates weirdness through museum exhibits, art gallery exhibits and oddities sales – it truly celebrates eccentricity! A great place to also visit is

Peculiarium immediately draws one’s eye from outside with its eccentric facade adorned with unusual sculptures and larger-than-life monsters, which draws visitors inside into an atmospheric and surreal realm that combines both fear and fascination.

The museum exhibits and displays showcase an exciting variety of eccentricities that will enthrall even the most daring visitors. Ranging from shrunken heads and taxidermy creatures, vintage sideshow posters and medical artifacts – there is sure to be something at The Peculiarium that catches everyone’s interest!

One of the centerpieces of the Peculiarium is its Freakybuttrue Wax Museum. Unlike traditional wax museums which showcase only famous figures, this one showcases strange and macabre characters instead. Visitors may come face-to-face with mythical creatures, aliens, and cryptozoans for an unforgettable experience!

Peculiarium stands out with its interactive exhibits. Visitors can test their courage and explore their fears by venturing into the “Haunted Chamber” or experiencing its disorienting “Vortex Tunnel.” These engaging and unforgettable elements offer visitors a memorable journey into strange and unexpected realms.

The museum also embraces its sense of humor with witty displays and tongue-in-cheek explanations of exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to engage with exhibits and take photos, making the visit enjoyable and entertaining for all ages.

Peculiarium serves not only as an oddities and curiosities museum but also acts as an art gallery featuring works from local artists. Exhibiting surrealism, pop art, outsider art and more helps add depth and diversity to its collections.

Peculiarium gift shop offers visitors an assortment of quirky merchandise to remember their visit by. Ranging from quirky souvenirs to unique art pieces, visitors can bring home something peculiar as mementoes of their stay.

The Peculiarium takes great pride in celebrating all things strange and unusual through its community involvement. The museum holds events, workshops, art shows and art exhibits which highlight local artists while encouraging creativity within local neighborhoods. Furthermore, The Peculiarium participates in charity work and fundraisers geared toward improving local neighbourhoods.

Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum has quickly earned itself a strong following among both residents and tourists, offering visitors an enlightening and enjoyable museum experience that encourages wonder and curiosity in visitors of all kinds. It serves as a refreshing change of pace from typical museum settings while giving people the chance to indulge their sense of curiosity in an environment designed for play and discovery.

The Peculiarium offers more than just an ordinary museum; it provides a fascinating, engaging, and engaging experience that celebrates all that is strange and wonderful in life. With an emphasis on celebrating eccentricities, The Peculiarium stands out among Portland area attractions for being an exceptional experience and draws visitors from near and far alike.

Are You Searching for Something Unusual Near Portland Oregon? Look No Further! The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum offers a thrilling journey into the extraordinary and bizarre. A true peculiar gem, this charming museum provides an exciting journey. A fantastic read