OMSI (or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), established in 1944, is an award-winning educational and interactive museum located near downtown Portland in Oregon. Their aim is to foster curiosity while encouraging a love of learning in visitors of all ages through engaging exhibits, hands-on activities, and innovative programs. Browse around this site

OMSI stands on the east bank of Willamette River and provides stunning views of Portland skyline and Willamette river itself. OMSI’s convenient location makes it easily accessible for both residents and tourists, and its iconic silver dome-shaped OMNIMAX Dome stands as an instantly recognisable landmark of Portland cityscape.

OMSI boasts five main halls that explore various aspects of science, technology and natural history, such as:

Earth Science Hall: This hall provides visitors with an intriguing exploration into geology, meteorology and natural disasters. They can learn about earthquakes, volcanoes and even an earthquake simulator here! There’s even an impressive replica of T-Rex dinosaur skeleton to fascinate children young and old alike!

Life Science Hall: This hall explores the mysteries of biology and life on Earth. Visitors can discover Pacific Northwest ecosystems, learn about animal adaptations, and witness live creatures in action in the Life Lab.

Turbine Hall: This vast space features interactive exhibits related to physics and engineering. A highlight is “Turbine,” where visitors can create a vortex by spinning a water wheel – exploring fluid dynamics principles along the way!

Featured Exhibition Hall: OMSI features both permanent and rotating exhibits covering topics ranging from space exploration to robotics and beyond, providing visitors with immersive experiences and cutting-edge technologies for an unparalleled and thrilling visit experience.

Chemistry Lab: Visitors can explore chemical reactions and elements through hands-on chemistry experiments at this lab, providing an exciting and safe space for young scientists looking to explore this discipline.

OMSI’s most-beloved attraction is the OMNIMAX Dome Theater – an advanced giant-screen theater offering breathtaking documentaries and educational films on its 6-story-high screen with immersive surround sound for an unforgettable movie-watching experience.

OMSI provides educational programs and events throughout the year in addition to its permanent exhibits, including science camps, workshops, lectures and even overnight sleepovers for visitors who want to explore after hours. Furthermore, OMSI operates outreach programs which bring science education directly into schools and communities throughout its service region.

OMSI is a Portland institution with deep roots that serves as a center for science and learning for people of all ages. From family outings, school field trips, or solo exploration of scientific wonders – OMSI provides an engaging experience that sparks curiosity, ignites imaginations and cultivates a love of science in all who visit it. OMSI continues to be a treasured destination that inspires curiosity while instilling lifelong enthusiasm for discovery! Browse next article